United Notions Collaborative Exhibition ‘17

Twenty design studios from around the world were invited to participate. New Space Moscow hosts an interdisciplinary project that understands the customs inherent in different cultures.

Art, Print design

“United Notions Collaborative Exhibition ‘17 invited 20 design studios from around the world to create artwork to understand the customs inherent in different cultures. The festival-like project connects contemporary artists and was held at New Space Moscow in Moscow.”

“One studio per country will be selected to exchange words specific to their home country with studios in other countries and create artwork associated with them. Our studio has teamed up with Studio Mut, based in Italy.”

“We chose the word ‘Mt. Fuji’ to symbolize Japan. On the lower left of the artwork: ‘Fuji is a symbol of the Japanese spirit. Fuji is a symbol of the Japanese spirit. Its gentle rise symbolizes the reverence that the Japanese have for nature. And the sun shines out from behind Fuji,’ and the artwork was created with a Zen awareness that symbolizes the Japanese sense of beauty.”

“Studio Mut, an Italian design studio, chose the word Menefreghismo. In Japanese, it mean ‘disinterested’ and refers to a kind of self-enclosure. The concept is expressed through artwork that is cut off from contact with the outside world.”

“In the lower left corner of the artwork: ‘Menefreghismo’ is Italian for ‘I am not interested’. It describes a selfish tendency to not respect given rules and morals, to not care or show interest in one’s surroundings.”

“Each artwork was produced by artisans in a one-of-a-kind limited edition, which was displayed and sold.”

Participating Studios / Participating Countries:
Do Not Design / Singapore
De_form / Hungary
Serious Studio / Philippines
Yuta Takahashi / Japan
Bruce Mac Design / Canada
Stahl R / Germany
Studio Mut / Italy
Typical / Greece
Koln / Spain
Kokoro & Moi / Finland
Bedow / Sweden
Bunch / Croatia
Asis / Argentina
Konstantin Eremenko / Russia
My Name Is Wendy / France
Triboro / USA
Bruch / Austria
Parametro / Mexico
Fol / Turkey
Bibliotheque / Great Britain

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