Campaign ads for the “TIMELESS, PASSIONATE SALVAGE” skincare brand generated with the latest AI technology.

Art, Print design, Graphic, Photography

“Inspired by the all-encompassing cosmos, the skincare brand's TO items are designed to radiate a universal beauty that transcends time and style.”

“We have combined the latest AI technology with the passionate and delicate touch of a post-impressionist paintbrush to convey universal beauty and express the transcendence of time.”

“The campaign was developed with the meaning that the design philosophy (passion) behind the brand and products will heal and salvage the hearts and minds of people living today.”

“It intersects future technology with past art history, technology and art to deliver humorous enrichment in people's daily lives.”

“Based on actual product photography, we generate art reminiscent of the post-impressionism that arose in the second half of the 19th century. The photography was done in Italy and in Japan.”

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