Renewal of the official Journal of the Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association, published since 1961.

Editorial design, Print design

The official journal "SHOKANKYO" has been published since 1961 by the Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association (JCD), a general incorporated association, to interpret commercial environmental design along with historical and social episodes in addition to reporting on the association's activities. "JCD WALLPAPER", which has been renewed as a modern information medium, features only the headlines of each article and a QR code, making it easy to connect to online articles with more detailed information.

The design consists of an eye-catching vivid yellow appropriate for Vol.01, sophisticated grid-like typography, and graphics inspired by the postwar Japanese art movement "Gutai," which is said to have influenced Shigemasa Noi (in the text: an expression of disinterested directness that discards the conventions of well-worn expression).

Vol.01 features the Kansai interior designer Shigemasa Noi, who passed away in October 2022, and includes footage of the talk show at the exhibition "noi bar" (Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka), which was created by 40 people in one day and destroyed in one day on March 24th of the following year, and "noi bar Tokyo Shigemasa Noi Memorial Exhibition" (Nakagawa Chemical Showroom) held on August 24th and 25th of the same year.

The magazine lists archives of the Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association's activities, including the Japan Space Design Award, the JCD Design Award, Takahashi Tsukiichi, a collection of interviews with architects, and other activities, all in a table with a QR code.

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