Propose a long-aged, organically grown tea. Branding Shizuoka tea, renowned as one of Japan’s three best teas.

Branding, Packaging

“SUI/TEN, from Shizuoka Prefecture, renowned as one of the best teas of the three generations, proposes a new possibility for Japanese tea: long-aged tea stored at room temperature for up to seven years or more. Usually, the fresher the Japanese tea, the higher the price. To prevent oxidation and deterioration at room temperature, freezing is recommended and the shelf life is said to be a few weeks to a few months.”

“We nurture the soil through organic farming methods that do not use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides, and create strong crops through the life force of the microorganisms in the soil. This allows us to offer an out-of-the-ordinary, Japanese tea that can withstand many years of aging.”

“To represent the absorption process of organically grown crops inside the human body, the tea was poured into a tray and sloped to obtain the natural pattern created by the natural accumulation of fine particles. As a visual representation of tea being absorbed by the human body, the mysterious and organic patterns that naturally accumulate over a long period of time are expressed in the packaging.”

“In reference to the brand name Suiten (the point at which one can see the truth of all things as proposed by the Japanese naturalist Kumagusu Minakata). The √2 (1:1.414), known as the golden ratio for shrines, temples, and works of art in Japan, was applied to all items.”

“The logotype is variable and works organically on labels, tags, cards, and packaging. The label, which looks like a series of straight lines, is reminiscent of a tea field.”

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