Branding for a skincare brand inspired by the life and mystery of the cosmos and the meditative experience of the spirit.

Branding, Product design, Packaging, Web design

“TO is a luxury skincare brand that abundantly incorporates highly concentrated carbonic acid and natural ingredients to deliver a relaxing experience of spiritual meditation to people living in the modern stressful society. The brand embodies a consistent cosmological worldview from its products to packaging and website, with a unique symbol that represents its brand image, a mysterious color palette, and refined design.”

“The unique symbol, inspired by the life and mysteries of the cosmos, the surface of water, the sun, the moon, and the beating of the human heart, stands out with its organic shape that distinguishes it from the industry's common design language.”

“The double-structured design inside the crescent-shaped cap, which is inspired by the moon, embodies the brand philosophy in every detail, balancing functionality and artistic appeal.”

“The specially designed screw nozzle of the facial cleanser, which is abundantly formulated with highly concentrated carbonic acid and natural ingredients, instantly creates dense and ideal foam, reducing the friction caused by hand-to-skin contact during cleansing and preventing skin irritation.”

“The logotype, composed of delicate curves and mathematical precision, envisions the modern and dignified appearance of a woman.”

“The color palette is inspired by the cosmos, which encompasses all existence, and features the ‘Shade Grey.’ It has a mysterious and elegant presence that complements the lifestyle of anyone.”

“The eyelash serum adopts an industry-first airless container, which suppresses the oxidation of the serum and enables it to be preservative-free. In addition, it prevents the proliferation of bacteria that occurs when the brush touches the skin, making it hygienic.”

“The packaging is designed with a consistent high-quality brand image and has an exotic feel. The foil decoration on the side of the package featuring the letters ‘TO’ also serves as a crack prevention effect. The packaging is made with environmentally friendly paper.”

“Through collaboration with Sound Couture Inc., we have created ‘Sound Spa,’ a relaxing spa experience that allows you to immerse yourself in meditative sounds.”

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