Tsunami App

An application that intuitively warns of the danger of tsunami is proposed in the Disaster Mitigation Design Competition sponsored by Kobe Design University.

UI/UX design

“We proposed a ‘tsunami app’ that warns people of the danger of tsunami in the event of an earthquake, in the Disaster Mitigation Design Competition sponsored by Kobe Design University.”

“More than 15,000 people died in the Great East Japan Earthquake, of which more than 90% drowned. According to the results of the Weathernews tsunami survey, the average difference in the time to start evacuation, which made the difference between life and death, was only two minutes. The survivors who were able to evacuate immediately after the earthquake accounted for 28% of the total, and most of them answered ‘gathering information’ as their immediate action. One in five of the dead did not evacuate because they ‘thought their location was safe’.”

“The results of this survey once again reveal that every minute counts when it comes to tsunami evacuation. We need to intuitively alert people to the danger of tsunami in an emergency and call for evacuation as soon as possible. For this reason, we wanted to work to save many lives during a disaster by proposing a ‘tsunami app’.”

“This app measures your current location by GPS and warns you of the expected tsunami height, time to arrival, and tsunami danger in an intuitive UI. The main functionality follows the tsunami warnings operated by the Japan Meteorological Agency and displays tsunami warnings using five numerical values, three colors, and three indicators.”

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