Michael Debus: Trinität Special Edition

The book design for “Trinity | Upper and Lower Volumes” expresses an abstract worldview of concepts only.

Editorial design, Print design

“The Trinity, Upper and Lower Volumes, ‘by Michael Daves, was The Trinity,’ a book version of the Trinity Theory that was discussed during Mr. Deves’ two visits to Japan in 2013 and 2014.”

“Mr. Daves addresses the Trinity, a new worldview that moves dualism forward. But to explain this, he tells us that ‘once we have to go to the world of abstraction,’ he tries to lead the Japanese into the world of abstraction. But he ‘fails’ (upper volume) to do so.”

“Mr. Daves said. ‘The Japanese are a world full of color and diversity[. . .] but they are not interested in the essential realm behind that world. [. . .] . because when we ascend from the world of life-filled diversity to the unified realm, we find there an ‘abstract’ world of only concepts without color’ (upper volume).”

“We wanted to visually represent the abstract view of the world, which Mr. Daves failed to do. We intended thereby to allow the reader to face this book through an abstract world.”

“For the motifs, we chose triangles and crosses that are appropriate to the Trinity, and we applied them to each of the upper and lower volumes as if they were on and off switches.”

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