Strudel: Die Kreativtät des Chaos

Strudel: Die Kreativtät des Chaos

Editorial design, Print design

“We designed posters and pamphlets for a medical and art course that focuses on the phenomenon of ‘whirlpools’ in the Naruto Straits of Shikoku and seeks to understand human development in relation to whirlpools.”

“‘When we are about to start something new, chaos is the first thing that takes over us. In this course, we want to give participants the opportunity to experience chaos and how chaos can become a source of creativity - how chaos can be transformed into a creative act of creation,’ said the organizers.”

“Chaos = black, with graphics inspired by the ‘whirlpools’ of Naruto.”

“The invitations that are mailed are folded into 16 pages of posters, which at first look like nondescript black paper, so the viewer experiences chaos. However, as one gradually grasps the full picture of the poster, one discovers the overall purpose, and so chaos begins from the moment one sees the invitations and is revealed in the lecture.”

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