The packaging design of the matcha chocolates captivates people with its intricate workmanship.

Branding, Packaging

“MILTOS owner Kenji Takahashi personally travels to cacao-producing countries to control the quality of the cacao from the pre-harvest growing stage. He is passionate about creating the ideal chocolate.”

“Matsuyama City produced many writers and haiku poets, including Soseki and Shiki. The ‘Botchan Train’ that ran in the same era once disappeared in 1954, but after 47 years, Iyo Railway Co. revived it in 2001. The Bochan Train, which runs through the city, is one of Matsuyama’s most popular tourist attractions and is loved and familiar to people.”

“The top cover of the package is engraved with a rail cross section and the Iyo Railway’s symbol. The package is surrounded by a passenger car and locomotive.”

“The motif of this unusual chocolate is the route map of the Bochan train that runs through Matsuyama city. The chocolate is also hidden in a maze that can only be reached by following the actual route of the Bochan train through the city.”

“The Bochan Train, which overcame many obstacles to revive Matsuyama’s tourism and culture, has drawn on MILTOS’ passion for making chocolates to create this collaborative chocolate.”

“Carefully selected fine cacao beans are blended with matcha from Shingu, Ehime Prefecture’s famous tea plant. This bitter matcha chocolate has a deep matcha flavor and a fruity aroma of cacao.”

“The Iyo Railway No. 1 locomotive (Bochan Train), the oldest existing light rail locomotive in Japan, was photographed and a precise drawing of the locomotive was used for the packaging, which was then foil stamped and processed.The rugged impression of the locomotive is expressed with a very detailed gimmick.”

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