The branding of Tree to Bar chocolate invites you to a gastronomic experience of refined luxury and elegance.

Branding, Packaging, Web design

“MILTOS owner Kenji Takahashi personally visits cacao-producing countries to control quality from cultivation and harvest to fermentation and drying. Just as the Japanese cook rice to bring out its sweetness, our unique steam roasting method roasts the cacao beans as if they were being cooked to bring out maximum flavor. To prevent oxidation, which is the main reason cacao loses its flavor, the chocolate is on store shelves three days after roasting.”

“We were so impressed with the philosophy of maximizing the cacao’s natural goodness and flavor that we formed the brand identity of ‘chocolate like perfume’, which is associated with ‘aroma’ and ‘fragrance’.”

“The pale, gently enveloping melt-in-your-mouth chocolate is reminiscent of the feel of silk fabric. The packaging is covered with a textured silk pattern motif that sparkles in a variety of ways.”

“The shape of the chocolate was inspired by the initial ‘M’ of MILTOS. It was inspired by the three-dimensional structure of modern architecture. Chocolate is a sweet treat, but it is also a quality experience. By creating two thicknesses of chocolate, we made it possible to enjoy aromatic aromas and a rich melt-in-your-mouth experience.”

“The distinctive brand identity of MILTOS, which combines luxury, elegance and contemporary minimalism, offers users an exotic experience.”

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