Visual identity for the BMX Flatland World Championship Final.

Visual identity, Print design

“BMX Flatland is an aesthetic competition of tricks, riding BMX like a dance on flat ground. The BMX Flatland World Championship is a world competition with five rounds per year (Switzerland, Spain, USA, Canada and Japan), and FLATARK was held in Kobe Harborland as the final round.”

“Inspired by the name of the competition, Noah’s Ark, the shape of the Ark and the BMX riders dancing freely on it were represented as five dots. The symbol as a whole became a crowning motif and gained a fitting impression as the world’s best contest.”

“The symbol was deployed at the contest site, on posters, flags, invitations, original merchandise, and in a variety of other locations, including tie-in products from PUMA, G-Shock, and Ohmine Shuzou, which were also distributed.”

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