Product and package design for the industry’s first comprehensive men’s cosmetic brand.

Product design, Packaging

“FIVEISM x THREE is a cosmetic brand created to free everyone from gender, age, national borders, common sense and prejudice, and to allow everyone to express themselves freely as the only one who is different from others. The brand concept is Individuality. It is limitless self-expression that transcends preconceived notions. Everyone, at any time, has new possibilities within themselves.”

“Focusing on makeup items for women, we studied the manner in which women apply makeup. We approached the psychological aspect of ‘masculinit’ as opposed to ‘femininity’ and came up with the idea of an item that allows men to easily perform makeup.”

“One answer was a stick-shaped product called a ‘bar’. It allows men to apply makeup casually and stylishly in their daily activities.”

“The organic form of the product represents a fusion of masculinity and femininity. Neither too round nor too angular, the form of the product has a genderless look that clarifies the limitless self-expression of the brand concept.”

“For the package design, we extracted the circle = dot from the symbol and embossed a pattern of regular diagonal lines of them. What is a circle = dot (femininity) when viewed from a micro perspective, creates a pattern that appears as diagonally intersecting lines (masculinity) when viewed from a macro perspective. The pattern changes its expression in various ways depending on the angle of light, symbolizing the identity of FIVEISM x THREE, which respects the individuality of each person.”

“A total of 72 items will be available, ranging from makeup primers, foundations, eye shadows, lips and nails, creating a comprehensive men’s cosmetic brand that enables limitless self-expression.”

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