Erkenntnisweg und Heiliger Geist

Book design for The Way of Recognition and the Holy Spirit by Michael Daves, which integrates ancient wisdom and philosophical thought.

Editorial design, Print design

“The Way of Recognition and the Holy Spirit by Michael Debus challenges us to unravel the wisdom that has been passed down in the form of myths through philosophical thinking.”

“Myths to modern people are like ‘fairy tales’ with a veil over them. But Mr. Daves uses modern thinking to try to lift the veil from myths. It is as if from darkness to broad daylight, a forgotten door of wisdom is revealed.”

“The distinctive cover design depicts the many layers of doors of wisdom, which are opened by thought. The letter ‘I’ (I) appears in the center of each door. The transition of the reader’s consciousness from darkness to daylight is expressed by the neutral colors of light and shadow. The resulting appearance of the book is also reminiscent of a meditation cloister in church architecture.”

“Modernity and minimalism, ancient wisdom and philosophical thought, are combined to create a book design that has never looked so new.”

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