2019 ASU Poster Show & Auction

Donated artwork on the theme of “beauty” to Arizona State University to help fund their graduation exhibition.

Art, Print design

“‘Beauty’ themed artwork donated to the 2019 ASU Poster Show & Auction. For this auction, Arizona State University invited designers from around the world to submit artwork for auction. The funds raised from the auction will be used to create an exhibition of the students’ graduation artwork.”

“The work expresses the word ‘beauty’ that designers are involved with throughout their lives using a single kanji character, and allows the viewer to become aware of the beauty of the Japanese language’s formative qualities.”

“A poem about beauty: ‘Without beauty, no man is enriched, without beauty no man’s world is complete’ is written in the lower left corner of the poster.”

“Only one poster, printed in a limited edition, was auctioned, with ‘2019 ASU VCD Poster Show 1/1’ inscribed in the lower right corner of the poster.”

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