Our work “WTNB DASHI EGG SAND” won Bronze in the A’ Design Award 2021 (Italy).

A’ Design Award and Competition is pleased to announce that the project WTNB Dashi Egg Sand by Art Director: Yuta Takahashi has been acknowledged with the coveted Bronze A’ Design Award at Packaging Design Competition picked as a winner by the international jury members of the A’ Design Awards & Competitions within a great number of nominated works.

More information on WTNB Dashi Egg Sand:

Yuta Takahashi, the designer of the awarded packaging design Dashi Egg Sand explains “A package design used for Japanese Omelette Sandwich meant for takeout. The wrapping paper has the illustration of a Sandwich’s cross-section. The illustration expresses softness, the handmade feel of the Sandwich, venturing to leave an impression of roughness. The colors represent eggs, secret sauces, and ocean blue, the color of the client’s store. The package has been enhanced from mere food container to a tool that enriches the eating space in order to immerse oneself in the food experience from the moment the product is first seen to the moment one is done eating. “

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