Our work “TO” won Silver in the A’ Design Award 2023 (Italy).

“TO Beauty” designed by Yuta Takahashi Design Studio Co. won Silver in the Graphic & Visual Communication Design category of the international design award A’ Design Award 2023 (Italy). The award was officially announced on May 5.

More about TO Beauty:
Yuta Takahashi, designer of the winning entry, TO Beauty, said: “TO is a skincare brand inspired by the life and mystery of the cosmos and the meditative experiences of the spirit. A mystical color palette, organic symbology that expresses the pulse of life, even the inside the cap, which receives little attention, is beautifully designed in a crescent shape. The specially structured screw nozzle of the facial cleanser ejects an ideal dense foam with a single push, which maintains elasticity for a long time and reduces skin irritation from friction. The eyelash beauty serum uses an innovative airless container that is preservative-free and hygienic.” he explains.

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About A’ Design Award:
A’ Design Award is an international design competition based in Como, Italy. The entries are judged by anonymous voting by an international jury of 228 internationally renowned scholars, journalists, designers, and executives. Nominated designs are then voted on under predetermined evaluation criteria to select only the top designs. The winners will be invited to an awards ceremony to be held on July 19, 2023 at Teatro Sochale in Lake Como, Italy, and will receive a trophy and an award certificate.

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